Cutting Edge Lawn Care
1606 Hydro Drive
Austin , Texas
5.00 44 reviews


Julie C.


I just want to a big say thank you to the crew for cutting off my water when I overfilled the pool. If it had not been for the Cutting Edge Crew my dogs would have been floating around the house. Thank you so much for going the extra step to help.

Deborah S.


I think you guys have done a wonderful job! Having been a business owner myself, I know we all go through rough patches of some sort. But fortunately for you two, you have developed a personal relationship with your customers putting them first. I can't tell you how much that means. By simply notifying your customers in the newsletter "to be patient" because of weather, equipment, staff, illness or any circumstance that would create problems with their service, that proved it to me that you are truly going out of your way to be as helpful as possible. Shoot! Most companies don't even have a newsletter to keep in touch with their customers. Old fashioned principles go a long way with me and I'm sure they mean a lot to those who stayed faithful to you. Keep it up.

Todd E.


The crew takes the greatest care of our total yard. Everything is taken care of and if there is ever anything extra we need them to do the crew is always eager to please. We have been very happy with Cutting Edge for longer than I can least the past 5 years. We have experienced some problems with service as you would expect with any service related company. But once notified of the problem, Todd makes sure it is taken care of quickly and ensures the problem is resolved. I have had other lawn maintenance companies in the past and this is the only one I would recommend.



They are the VERY BEST. Right now on my block three homes have their yards, trees, shrubs...I am so proud of how my yard looks! Thank you guys so much for all the work you have done for us.



For the most part very satisfactory. They have always been quite responsive to my requests.



Cutting Edge has been handling our lawn for years. Todd is always available and helpful when we need something extra done. They do a great job.

Janet S.





Professional and great clean up



I always appreciate the personal care, quick responses to any questions and great service. - Long time customer.

Deborah S.


Always very happy with your service. So unusual and appreciated that you contact me for a day change, product or service change, etc. and always so pleasant to deal with.